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So I'm writing a story, just a little fanfiction, and I can't seem to finish chapter 6, try as I may. You would think that since I've finally managed to get to the part of the chapter that I was looking forward to that I would feel more inspired, but I don't. the truth is I hate this chapter with a passion because it's kind of an angst focused chapter. I don't write angst really well and therefore don't even really want to deal with this all. But like I told my good friend, who I'm featuring in this chapter, I feel like a douche if I don't at least update. So I'm trying reeeeally hard to push through but find myself very dissatisfied with the content. Because I'm the type of writer that will re-read and re-edit their chapter like fifty times before I'm satisfied, I get really nit-picky about what exactly I write and how I write it. So to end my whine fest, this chapter is by far the most difficult I've had to write, and granted I do think my over editing is a big part of why I can't finish this chapter in the first place, but even so I find myself just not motivated enough to write, so I'm going to sit and brainstorm a while, see if that will help.
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Crotch-Rocket Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
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February 12, 2011